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Dear customers
We constantly challenge our teams on how to be the best at what we do. As our product catalogue is continually updated, we want to make sure the badge works clearly and helpful for all our clients.

Our teams discuss the issue and give a final result. We are processing it on crazyparts.com.au including the new badge, product grading, title, and picture. We apologize if it takes any inconvenience during purchase.


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If you'd like to know what the new badge is changed from? Please read below:

BQ7: Best Quality Aftermarket

Best Quality Aftermarket:

  • Crazy: Hard
  • Crazy: Soft
  • RJ: Incell
  • COF: Incell
  • JK: Soft

AMPLUS: Aftermarket Plus

Aftermarket Quality:

  • Crazy: Incell
  • HX: Hard

REFURB: Refurbished


SP: Service Pack

Service Pack or Brand New


Refurbished Grade B

New Badge

Pull is any replacement part that was pulled off an OEM device that remaining its original quality condition. We will make sure that all parts have been passed our QC test. This category is further broken down by grades. Depending on the life cycle of the OEM device and the use given by its original owner, the pull screen replacement part includes A and B grades. A grade means roughly 90%-95% new and has little scratches on the surface of a product. B grade means roughly 70%-80% new and it has big scratches on the surface of a product.