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Loyalty Rewards Program for Business Partner

membership benefits

Level Review Rules

  • Level is automatically upgraded right after an order is dispatched at the current sales’ order on the day.
  • Level is reviewed on the advanced monthly sales of last quarter. The review will be conducted quarterly on the first day of each quarter. Eg: 1 Jan, 1 Apr, 1 Jul, 1 Oct
  • This benefit will be only applied to business account. 

How Gold/Diamond member featured benefits works:

  1. Register an account and apply business account at website.
  2. Our team member will approve your application within 24 hours. Please make sure that your application form has been completed with the required information for business account. (Your full name, shop/workshop address, ABN, Company name, email address, mobile phone contact number)
  3. And confirmation email will be sent once your business account application has been approved.
  4. Login your account at to start your first order!
  5. Member featured benefits please refer to the Membership level benefit table. 

Featured Benefits Description 

Free AUS Post Standard shipping over $399 Each order reached $399 amount at check out page, Free Aus Post standard shipping method will be appeared at your check out page.
Free AUS Post Express shipping over $399 ach order reached $399 amount at check out page, Free Aus Post Express shipping method will be appeared at your check out page.
Express warranty service Warranty claim request will be approved/declined at the same business day. Received warranty items will be handled at the same business day.
Tech Support consultant
  • Problem diagnosis
  • Compatible parts
  • Installation instruction
  • Technician assistance
  • Order suggestion
  • Anything you concern we will try within our knowledge
Warranty support report

Warranty report will be provided within 48 business hours. 

Report is included: Issue of faulty products, suggestions, replacement/store credit/refund will be offered, physical damage confirmation. 

Premium warranty cover

1 out of 100 pcs repair replacement parts at the same range is physical damage which can be replaced at reasonable circumstance.  Refund is not available at this benefit. 

Maximum acceptable physical damage claim will be 5 pcs per month. 

Free freight upgrade service

This service is available when we receive your request on the same business day.

This service does not apply to your account autocratically.

Any accessories and heavy machines are not included in this benefit.

Assign account manager You will have a direct line with your account manager to contact for any inquiries.
10% Extra credit of LCD buyback price You will receive 10% extra bonus base on your final result of the LCD buyback price. This 10% extra bonus can be applied to your account store credit or your bank account at your request.
Free basic motherboard repair service View details at above motherboard repair service table.
Low-cost shipping service from China (Phone repair parts ONLY)

We help you to ship the products from China to Sydney warehouse at your request. 

This service is available to mobile phone repair parts related products only. Any of other products are not available at this moment.

Monthly sales requirements at

Refer to
How Gold/Diamond member featured benefits works:

Motherboard Repair service table

Purchase amount/Month

Basic issue/Month

Basic issue/Month

Other issue/Month
$10,000-$15,000 1 Job 1 Job
$15,001-$20,000 2 Jobs 1 Job
$20,001-$30,000 2 Jobs 2 Jobs
$30,001-$50,000 2 Jobs 2 Jobs 1 Job
Over $50,001 3 Jobs 3 Jobs 1 Job

Note: Basic issue(8/8P) and Other issue can be converted to basic issue((6G/6P/6S/6SP/7/7P)) if you don’t have those service.

How do we evaluate your membership level when you meet the following policy:

  1. Membership will be back to Retail if you cancel the order intentionally. 
  2. Membership will be back to Retail if your Warranty return is over 50% of your  total purchase per month.
  3. Membership will be back to Retail or cancelled if you attempt to breakdown our business in purpose. 

Our company reserves the right of final interpretation.