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Dear All Customers,
We hope you have a nice day.
As Crazy Parts Pty Ltd has strong purchasing team and would like to share with you some marketing information about the Chinese New Year holiday and the situation of what will be the screens industry trend in the next the coming half year.
The government of China concerns that the COVID-19 Epidemic may rebound due to the Spring Festival ravels rush. Factories are suggested to start the holiday early for the 2021 Chinese New Year. All Employee as well as Manufactures will start their holiday from January to March. Which means factories will be closed, and no production or unstable production for at least two months.
We have prepared two months of stock at our Sydney local warehouse, so we have sufficient stock to supply until end of March. Our Chinese factory team will close on 7th February 2021 and reopen on 22nd February 2021. As this plan, we will have enough stocks to supply our customer continuously.  
What is more, the price of screens is increased from January 2021 in Chinese market. we buy the material in bulk before the price increased and assemble it at our own factory. Therefore, we have low costs advantage and provide it to our customers. We guarantee the price of stocks will not be increased during Chinese spring festival time.
 Best regards 
Crazy Parts team 

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